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Sara Jabir

Tired of searching for doctors and consultants? We can help you!

I started my career working for Private and NHS hospitals around the UK and now I work directly with clinics and consultants in London, to arrange everything from A-Z, for all patient appointments, at no extra cost to the patient. Clinic's and doctor's prices remain the same while I work closely - together with my patients - to work out a plan and package to suit individual needs.

"To me, the most important qualities that I look for before I agree to start working with doctors is their ethics, professionalism and more importantly, honesty. The practitioners I work with are experts in their field and will always travel the extra mile to keep patients happy and safe."

As well as referrals, I am an aesthetic practitioner that specializes in lip enhancement and anti-wrinkle injections. Possessing 8 years experience working with prestigious Harley Street Aesthetics Doctors and Plastic Surgeons, who supported my interest in going into Aesthetics and commented regarding my natural aptitude for it. Offering valuable experience developing and sustaining rapport with a wide range of clients, utilising emotional intelligence and communication skills to ensure clients feel comfortable and informed at all times. I pride myself on my attention to detail and I love researching the latest treatments in the industry.


  • Gastroenterologist

  • Neurologist, Neuro Rehab

  • Homeopathic Doctor

  • Plastic Surgeon - Facelift Expert

  • Hair Transplant - Red-light Therapy

  • Pain Management

  • Dermatology

  • IV Vitamin Infusions/Boosters

  • 24-hour on call Doctors



*All other specialists available upon request
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